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Otology (ears)

Accent has state of the Art equipment, capabilities and expertise to resolve your hearing and balance problems.

Our team offers comprehensive services for the following ear related issues.

Accent Head and Neck Otology Services

• Hearing loss

• Tinnitus (ringing in ears)

• Vertigo and balance disorders

• Ear infections/ Tube placement

• Perforated eardrum

• Disorders of hearing bones

• Skin cancers

• Excessive ear wax

• Swimmers ear

• Pediatric ear problems

We provide full audiology services by our board certified audiologist

We work with the Shore Medical Center Balance Center, and Bacharach Balance Center for ENG  and evaluation of vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation.

If any of these issues are part of your life schedule an appointment with Accent Head and Neck Group by calling 609-926-5556