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Nasal Valve Collapse

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What is Nasal valve collapse?

Nasal valve collapse, is one of the most common causes of nasal obstruction. When the nasal valve, the narrow part of the airway, weakens it can collapse inward. This affects one or both sides of the nose and causes difficulty breathing. Typically, patients experience nasal valve collapse, as a result of prior surgery trauma, or deviated nasal septum.

What are Symptoms Of Nasal Valve Collapse?

Typical signs of nasal valve stenosis include nasal congestion and pronounced difficulty in breathing inward from the nose. Patients with nasal valve collapse may have a difficult time breathing during physical activities, as though they have a clothespin on their nostrils. Keep in mind, some NVC is expected during strenuous activities, but significant obstruction shouldn’t occur. These symptoms can make physical activities more difficult while for others, it may prevent them from participating altogether.

 Does Nasal Valve Collapse Get Worse?

The nasal valve collapse can get worse over time. This may not happen in every case, but there is a risk for the continued weakening of the nasal structure, leading to further narrowing and difficulty breathing.

How do you diagnose Nasal Valve collapse?

An accurate diagnosis is key to providing an effective treatment plan. At Accent sinus Center we will do a complete history and nasal evaluation

Dr DeLorio will perform a nasal endoscopy which will rule out other conditions that have the similar symptoms.

Cottle Maneuver test in where the cheek is gently pulled laterally with one or two fingers to open the valves used to evaluate the nasal valve. This test determines if the most significant site of nasal obstruction is the valve or further inside the nasal cavity.

Latera implant

How do you treat nasal valve collapse?

Latera a dissolvable implant injected into the nose to eliminate nasal valve compromise .  After insertion, the implant isn’t visible and doesn’t affect the external structure of the nose. The entire procedure takes minutes to perform and with little to no recovery you can be back to normal activity in no time.

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