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About Us

At Accent Head and Neck Group, we take pride in providing our patients with exceptional, personalized care. Our dedicated team is highly trained to handle all aspects of ears, nose and throat care in patients ages 1 month to 101 years.

Accent Sinus Center has been recognized as an Entellus National Center for Excellence in balloon sinus procedures. We are the only practice in the state of New Jersey to obtain this honor.

Our Team :


Dr. Nicola DeLorio

Dr. Nicola DeLorio

Dr DeLorio- a board certified Otolaryngologist and facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr DeLorio is the founder owner and Medical Director of Accent Head and Neck Group, Accent Aesthetics Medical and Laser Day Spa and the Accent Sinus Center.  With special expertise and advanced training and more than 17 years of experience treating allergy, nasal and sinus issues.


Dr Galinus– Husband and business partner of Dr DeLorio, Dr Galinus works behind the scenes to keep up to date on reimbursement and market our practice to the public so you are aware of the offerings of our practice.  He also liaisons with other physicians offices to inform them of why Accent is the best place for their patients.


Julia Mabry- Patient Care Coordinator and Medical Assistant, Julia will get you situated on the day of your appointment and gather your medical information in our electronic medical record.  She will also be there to assist Doctor DeLorio in procedures and to perform allergy testing evaluations.  If you need surgery she will also coordinate all insurance approvals, paperwork and scheduling for you. We attempt to make the process as seamless as possible.

Tameika Sanders-
Patient Care Coordinator, Tameika will make obtaining your appointment, gathering medical information and navigating your insurance coverage as stress free as possible. If you need any testing, she will again coordinate all insurance approvals, paperwork and scheduling for you.  We attempt to make the process as seamless as possible.


Laura McClure- Certified Audiologist, Laura will patiently assess your hearing allowing us to give you the most accurate diagnoses and treatment of any ear/ hearing issues.